DGS Contract Awards

The Department of General Services’ Contracts and Procurement Division is a forward leaning, multi-faceted acquisitions operation, committed to advancing transparent, accountable, and efficient procurement practices in support of the Agency’s mission.

In accordance with the Procurement Practices Reform Act (PPRA) and in an effort to promote transparency, the Contracts and Procurement Division is required to post contract awards valued at $100,000 or greater to the Agency’s website.

The awarded contracts database includes a caption describing the type of good or service provided, the contract number, the contract amount, the period of performance covered by the contract award, the name of the contractor receiving the award, and whether the award was made to a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) or to a non-CBE/SBE.

You can view the contract award details by clicking on the specific caption within the summary list of contract awards.

To obtain a copy of any contract, you may submit a FOIA request online via the DC government Public FOIA Portal.

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Contract#Contract SpecialistContract Specialist EmailCOTR NameCOTR EmailContract $Award Date
DCAM-20-CS-RFQ-0001AA TO. No. 2Sadiq Ludincp.contract-spec9@dc.gov Agyei Hargroveagyei.hargrove@dc.gov$86,695.783/2/2023
DCAM-19-AE-0014Concillia MpofuConcillia.Mpofu@dc.govEileen Jenkinseileen.jenkins@dc.gov$179,931.903/2/2023
DCAM-22-AE-RFP-0003Shafi Anwaryshafi.anwary@dc.govEileen Jenkinseileen.jenkins@dc.gov$0.003/2/2023
DCAM-22-CS-RFQ-0001K TO. No. 9Omer Nawazy cp.contract-spec5@dc.govKerric Bairdkerric.baird@dc.gov$343,025.003/1/2023
DCAM-22-CS-RFQ-0001A TO. No. 13Sailab Sulemanzaisailab.sulemanzai@dc.govKerric Bairdkerric.baird@dc.gov$459,823.003/1/2023
DCAM-22-CS-RFQ-0001E TO. No. 8Omer Nawazy cp.contract-spec5@dc.govJanice SzymanskiJanice.Szymanski1@dc.gov$291,000.003/1/2023
DCAM-20-CS-RFQ-0001V TO. No. 5Sadiq Ludincp.contract-spec9@dc.gov Mohamed Jallohmohamed.jalloh1@dc.gov$0.003/1/2023
DCAM-20-CS-RFQ-0002E TO. No. 22Sadiq Ludincp.contract-spec9@dc.gov Michael Hutchinsonmichael.hutchinson@dc.gov$2,325,000.002/28/2023
DCAM-21-CS-IFB-0002Shafi Anwaryshafi.anwary@dc.govMohamed Jallohmohamed.jalloh1@dc.gov$0.002/27/2023
DCAM-20-CS-RFQ-0001V TO. No. 3Shafi Anwaryshafi.anwary@dc.govSolomon Ikotunsolomon.ikotun@dc.gov$0.002/27/2023