DGS Procurement Planning & Forecasting

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Mac Arthur Boulevard SchoolPartial renovation of the existing school and addition of a kitchen and cafeteria July2021Q4Paul Blackman
Francis Stevens (SWW)Full School modernization project July2021Q4Paul Blackman
Dorothy Height ESFull School modernization project July2021Q4Paul Blackman
McKinley Tech Chiller/Cooling Tower ReplacementApril2021Q3Paul Blackman
Meyer ES Window ShadesApril2021Q3Paul Blackman
Phelps HS Window ShadesApril2021Q3Paul Blackman
Various Various - Centralized ACS & IDSApril2021Q3Paul Blackman
Ludlow Taylor ES Exterior Fencing & Parking LotApril2021Q3Paul Blackman
Bard HS @ Davis 3rd Flr East Wing Build-outApril2021Q3Paul Blackman
Hart MSFire Alarm Replacement (FMD)April2021Q3Paul Blackman